We have been living with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic for over a year now. As a result, the increased focus on the digitalization of business and industry changed how many of us conduct business. Additionally, other important long-term trends are impacting the logistics and material handling industry: 

  • global migration of people to cities
  • increasing importance of e-commerce
  • growing consumer demand for personalized, fast solutions
  • pressure on our customers to efficiently serve increasingly complex consumer needs 

To stay competitive, more businesses are turning to innovative automation solutions that increase efficiency, reduce errors, and cut labor costs. Further, many companies adopted software solutions to manage processes and inventory in a dynamic market. As a trusted logistics and material handling leader, SSI SCHAEFER provides customers with custom solutions to meet these new expectations.

"Our main task is to enable our customers with solution-oriented material handling systems to meet the increasing expectations and needs of their customers more efficiently and sustainably," emphasizes CEO Steffen Bersch.

We hope you enjoy reading about these and a variety of other topics in our Update 37.